We purchased a timeshare in 2012 for two free tickets to a Vegas show. The sales personnel convinced us that the purchase was an investment. Further research of the company indicated that the timeshare location options had to be planned years in advance and the maintenance/association fees continued to increase. After realizing the mistake made we decided to do something about it.

We located STEP ZERO online and Selina Loesch was very helpful throughout the whole process. Even though the dialogue with STEP ZERO lasted almost a year due to our hesitation, STEP ZERO was able to get us out of the timeshare in less than two months once the paperwork and deposit was provided.

Without STEP ZERO we would still be in this awful predicament not knowing what to do. Now, we can sleep peacefully without having to worry about phone calls and letters threatening for payment or our credit.

If you are in a timeshare and want out, STEP ZERO is your one stop shop!!

STEP ZERO is definitely our Hero!

Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz
San Diego, CA. 2013