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About Step Zero

At Step Zero, we are motivated to provide top-of-the-line solutions to timeshare owners that you won’t find anywhere else.

Each expert staff member at Step Zero is both an expert at timeshares and travel. Our exclusively-trained staff will use their knowledge of the timeshare industry to provide helpful insights and solutions to help you with all of your timeshare or travel needs.

Our staff is available throughout the country and ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

Timeshare Exit Plan


Co-founder Step Zero ST. LOUIS MO.

Chad began his professional career in sales and customer service and has focused on perfecting his skills in this area. He has experience selling door-to-door, marketing a variety of products, and even selling cars.

Through every experience, Chad’s goal has been to gain experience and learn the most efficient way to provide the best service to clients and customers. When he was the co-owner of a successful construction and remodeling company in the 1990’s, Mr. Klaus learned that ethical practices done in a timely manner made for the best business practices.

He soon gained a reputation in the business world, where referrals are vital. Mr. Klaus also learned that in this interconnected world, bad news travels just as rapidly. As he began working in the travel and timeshare business, Mr. Klaus began to doubt the nature of his business.

Chad saw poor business practices at work and left his current field. Eager to provide better service for his company, he dedicated himself to research and hard work along with his two partners, Selina Loesch and Stan Forsythe. Together, they founded Step Zero. Today, they are proud to present to you a simple solution to timeshare problems.

With no illusions and just the simple facts, you’ll get the real deal here. Every call and inquiry is answered honestly and you’ll be proud to refer friends and relatives to our company. Step Zero truly is your Simple Timeshare Exit Plan without any hassles.

Timeshare Exit Plan


Co-founder Step Zero ST. LOUIS MO.

Selina began her professional career as an experienced gymnastics coach before she switched gears and moved into a different area. Finding a niche in sales management,  Selina has pursued this area successfully since making a bold career change.

Miss Loesch is goal-oriented and enthusiastic, always trying to be the best in the field. She had a strong belief in helping the people around her both personally and professionally.

While working as a sales director for a large resort company, she worked hard to motivate employees and co-workers at the company. Over time, she began to realize her company did not follow the best practices.

The tipping point was having the regional sales director of a major corporation come in and tell her that timeshares were for selling not buying. Selina knew at that moment it was time to make a change. She left the business and never looked back. Partnering with fellow professional Chad Klaus, the two of them worked tirelessly together to found Step Zero and turn it into a success today.