We bought our timeshare for ourselves and our family in 1995. We figured it would be a great investment, as our salesperson told us it would. We soon realized that wasn’t the case. We couldn’t use it like we were told, availability was always a problem, those damn waiting lists, and the worst part was every year they raised our fee’s. We even were told that it wasn’t working right because we needed to upgrade to a larger package. What a mistake!

After years of dealing with what seemed like con artists, we kinda gave up. We paid our dues and fee’s every year and assumed we were stuck. One day my daughter Allie called me, she said her friends mother used a company called STEP ZERO to get out of her timeshare. “It really worked mom” she said. I was reluctant, but curious to call. I called on a Thursday afternoon, they answered every question and actually explained facts I never knew about my resort. They were so genuine and really wanted to help my husband and I.

We finally had options to use. IT WORKED!!! With in 2-3 months everything was final and we didn’t own any timeshares! I’m pleased to write this and would recommend STEP ZERO to anyone that is in a similar situation like we were. The best part is not worrying about it anymore. Not worrying about leaving it to our children, and not worrying about the fee’s, and solicits from the resorts. Thank You Step Zero, and thank you Kristi, the representative who helped me so much.

Mike & Sarah From Missouri