August 3, 2014

Step Zero Is Our Hero!!

We purchased a timeshare in 2012 for two free tickets to a Vegas show. The sales personnel convinced us that the purchase was an investment. Further research of the company indicated that the timeshare location options had to be planned years in advance and the maintenance/association fees continued to increase. After realizing the mistake made we decided to do something about it. We located STEP ZERO online and Selina Loesch was very helpful throughout the whole process. Even though the dialogue with STEP ZERO lasted almost a year due to our hesitation, STEP ZERO was able to get us out of the timeshare in less than two months once the paperwork and deposit was provided. Without STEP ZERO we would still be in this awful predicament not knowing what to do. Now, we can sleep peacefully without having to worry about phone calls and letters threatening for payment or our credit. If you are in a timeshare and want out, STEP ZERO is your one stop shop!! STEP ZERO is definitely our Hero! Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz San Diego, CA. 2013
August 2, 2014

Thanks A Million

My name is Jessica, I heard about Step Zero 9 months ago. They’ve gotten me out of one of the worst situations I’ve ever been in my life. I owned 2 deeds with a very large resort that fed me full of empty promises. Now I don’t have to worry about that ever again. I got out and couldn’t be happier. It’s been 3 months and 4 days and I am still as excited as the day I was called and told my exit was finalized! Thanks a million. Jessica Hillsboro, MO
August 1, 2014

Free At Last! Free At Last!!!

Dear Chad, and Selina Great Step Zero, no more maintenance fees or need to continue the search for ways to get rid of the HUGE burden created with persuasive sales and half-truths surrounding my impulsive mistake of a timeshare purchase used only 2 days in almost 5 years. I could have not given it to the devil himself. You have spoken the whole truth all along and kept me informed from start to finish. Free at last. Thank You forever!! Shirley S. St. Augustine FL
July 30, 2014

Step Zero Made It Simple!

I found Step Zero on the internet and spoke to Chad. He explained everything to me and made it simple. Although I was nervous, the money back guarantee that Step Zero offered me helped me take that step in getting out. Now we only own the one timeshare that we actually use. I would recommend Step Zero to anyone. JEAN FROM N.Y